Pupil Premium

    We have a strong and supportive ethos that drives achievement and celebrates success. 

    Staff and children present and optimise positive messages that have high expectations for all, especially the disadvantaged. 

    We do not stereotype and believe that every child can overcome the barriers to achieve successful learning.

    We have an definite commitment to high quality teaching and learning to meet the needs of our pupils.

    Where barriers are identified we look to provide a personalised programme to optimise achievement.

    Evidence from the research of the Education Endowment Foundation is used to identify best practise.

    We deploy staff effectively to support those children who are struggling to overcome barriers.

    We have systems in place to monitor attendance, reward achievement and encourage good behaviour.

    Progress is routinely monitored and any gaps are narrowed by the rapid use of interventions.

    Children and parents are aware of their targets by means of Assertive Mentoring and we are fully empowered to address any learning obstacles.

    Opportunities for extra curricular enrichment activities are promoted and offered to children eligible for Pupil Premium, to enhance their learning experiences. 

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