Pastoral support

At Cherry Lane we believe that good pastoral support focuses on nurturing and supporting the individual needs of each child. We ensure that the support needed is recognised and implemented, with all teachers and support staff working cohesively together with the school’s inclusion team. We support a range of children who are having emotional difficulties that can impact on their learning. Supporting children’s well-being and helping reduce barriers to learning.

We provide a range of interventions to support emotional well- being;

  • A quiet nurturing room for children to feel safe and secure, to calm down or have time out.
  • Support the children and parents in the playground at the beginning of the school day.
  • Liaise with teachers and check at the beginning of each day for children needing support.
  • 1-1 sessions with identified vulnerable children.
  • In class support
  • Social groups (social and emotional needs, behaviour, friendships)
  • Worry boxes in each class for children to raise any worries or concerns.
  • 1-1 Counselling

We aim to develop positive relationships with children and their families, responding quickly as possible to any issues to ensure difficulties are discussed and resolved.