Online safety

Online Safety

Cherry Lane Primary School is vigilant in its supervision of pupils’ use of the internet at all times.

Cherry Lane has the educational filtered secure broadband connectivity through the LGfL and connects to the ‘private’ National Education Network.

We plan and teach E-safety lessons once a half term to advice pupils on how to stay safe online.

Pupils are made aware of expectations for using computers and the internet in school. 

Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 pupils are required to sign an agreement which outlines our E-safety policy for pupils use.  

ICT & Internet Safety

We would like to remind parents that pupils have a very restricted access to the internet in school.  All websites are filters and pupils only have access to educational websites  therefore no access to Facebook or any other social networking sites. However just to remind all parents that children under 13 years should not have access to Facebook. 

Pupils can only access their emails that are provided by London Grid for Learning (lGFL) and have no access to other email addresses such as Hotmail, Yahoo, GMail etc. 

Pupils are not allowed to bring in USB sticks or any other form of electronic communication to school to communicate information or data between home and school.



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