Pupil Leadership

    Pupil Leadership

    Cherry Lane aims to provide opportunity for pupils to become partners in their own education and to make a positive contribution to the school environment and ethos. The school council enables pupils to recognise themselves as worthwhile individuals with a right to be heard and it allows all children to have a ‘voice’ and to share their opinions and ideas with others. The school council is a key part in the children becoming part of the decision making process of the school.

    It is the pupils themselves that run and organise the school council. School council members are elected from each class in KS2 by their fellow classmates. Children who wish to be elected are encouraged to tell their classmates why they want to be a member of the school council and how they could improve the school. All children in the class then get an anonymous vote for one boy and one girl in their class. The school council meet regularly to discuss any issues and share any ideas that they or their fellow classmates have to improve the school.

    Throughout the academic year the school council have been involved in repairing the water fountains, talking in assemblies to encourage children to keep the toilets tidy and they have organised many fundraising events for the school to raise money for charities.

    School Council 2019/20

    3R Kyle and Ola

    3P Arian and Samaira

    3H Rammell and Gracie

    4M Ben and Lois

    4N Jaiverr and Abigail

    4R Tommy and Ieva

    5H Jack and Nadia

    5C Euell and Jana

    5B Frankie and Abbie

    6N Harley and Angel

    6S Mahdi and Malaika

    6G Gabriel and Carlee

    6D Patrick and Meltem


    House Captains 2019/20

















    At Cherry Lane pupils join one of four houses when they start year 3.  Cherry Lane houses are:

    Windsor (red) 

    Syon (green)

    Hampton (blue) 

    Gunnersbury (yellow)

    The House Captains are Year 6 children and they serve for a year. Each house has two house captains, one boy from one class and one girl from the other class.  The honour of being a house captain is decided by the year 6 teachers.  Various attributes are considered such as sportsmanship, attitudes and behaviour. 

    What do the House Captains do?

    Weekly they celebrate House Points achieved by their houses and collect the house point trophy on behalf of their house when they win.

    They represent their houses at school events, e.g. Sports Day.  During sports day they motivate their house members and choose relay teams etc.

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