Year 1
08.50 am  to 3.20 pm 
Welcome to Year 1

Please ensure all your child's belongings are clearly named and they have a water bottle and bag with them every day. This is essential for keeping letters, books and other important communications between school and home efficient.

Please remember a school lunch is available to all children in KS1 free of charge.

Please inform the Reception Desk if you intend to use this regularly or occasionally (to give an idea of numbers throughout the school).

Children do not have milk in Year One but they do still have fruit provided every day at morning playtimes.

Children will have either one or two reading books that will be changed each week. Please support your child with reading at home as regularly as possible and 
write your initials by the date (under the ‘home’ column) to show your child has read to you. Staff will do the same in the ‘school’ column. If you want to speak to your child’s teacher, please tick the yellow column. If the NB column has been ticked then your child has been given a new book. (If you ever have any concerns with your child’s reading or require any advice, please let your child’s class teacher know).

This homework will be linked to the learning they have done in class that week and will be sent home on a Friday, due back the following Thursday.

Children will bring home a selection of key words they have been looking at in their phonics lessons each week, using sounds and spelling patterns learned. Please help your child to practice sounding out and spelling these words (or learning the letters needed if the words are ‘tricky’ and don’t follow a pattern e.g. the, no, they, to, etc). The children can then practise applying these sounds by forming simple sentences as part of the homework. Spellings will also be given out on Fridays and tested the following Friday. Please practice these spellings every night.

Literacy and maths homework will be given out every Friday and will be collected on the following Thursday.

PE will be twice a week. Please read the parents’ noticeboard on each classroom to check days for your child’s PE day. Please ensure the children have the correct PE kit – black shorts, white t-shirt and black plimsolls. The child’s name should be on each item of clothing. Where possible, earrings should be removed on PE days. We are required, for health and safety, to cover any earrings with tape. This can be uncomfortable for the children especially when they have to remove it.

Wet Mornings
If it is raining, the procedure for your child’s class is as follows: Children can enter through the back of the classroom from 8.40am. 

Any Questions?

Please remember to speak to your child’s class teacher or classroom assistant with any questions, concerns or comments.

If you wish to make an appointment to see a teacher, please contact the school office on 01895 444480 or email


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