September 2018

Cherry Lane Primary School is a GOOD school.

September 2018 Ofsted Report 

  • Schools leaders have invested heavily in staff training and resources, resulting in improved teaching of reading across the school. Teachers relentlessly focus on developing pupils’ reading skills. They ensure that pupils access high-quality reading materials which expand their vocabulary. Staff support pupils effectively to develop the more sophisticated skills of inference and deduction. As a result, pupils, including disadvantaged pupils, make strong progress in reading. Current assessment information and work sampling indicate that a higher proportion of disadvantaged pupils are working at the higher standard in reading.  
  • Leaders and teachers make sure that pupils behave well and try hard. As a result, pupils focus and engage well in lessons. They are polite and friendly, and they speak with clarity and confidence. Pupils relate well to adults and to visitors, and they talk enthusiastically about their work. 
  • Your vision and passion for improving pupils’ learning experiences is evident. You have clearly focused on the correct priorities and, therefore, take effective action to address weaknesses. This results in improved progress for pupils. The school’s work with pupils who have special educational needs (SEN) and/or disabilities is also a strength. Staff give effective care, guidance and support, which helps most of this group of pupils make strong progress from their respective starting points. Consequently, by the time they leave Cherry Lane Primary School, pupils who have SEN and/or disabilities are often able to make the same progress as other pupils nationally


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