Why Parents Should Read With Their Children

Today, we know that parents can give their children a head start in life by reading to them on a regular basis, starting as early as the preschool years and continuing well into the primary school years. The preschool years are special years for building a foundation to become a good reader. This is the time when children are most receptive to books and learning. What’s more, they have a strong desire to spend time being close to Mum or Dad.

Here are nine reasons why parents should read to their children:

  1. Reading together nurtures the bond between parent and child. To a child, there is nothing better than the warmth of a parent’s voice and the chance to be physically close to Mum or Dad.
  2. Reading together builds social skills through the child’s interaction with his parent.
  3. Reading together provides a child with a better grasp of written language because she can learn how to follow the words on the page as she listens to her parent speaking them and pointing them out.
  4. Reading together builds a child’s vocabulary.
  5. Reading together introduces a child to language that is richer and more formal than everyday conversation.
  6. Reading together allows the feeling of love between parent and child to become associated with the activity of reading. This love later transfers to a child’s appreciation for books and reading.
  7. Reading together on a regular basis gives children an opportunity to learn about life in a fun and pleasant way.
  8. Reading together helps children succeed in school and feel confident that they are able to keep up with their peers.
  9. Reading together offers children the opportunity to learn about various moral lessons introduced in the story.

Kenneth N. Condrell Ph.D Child Psychologist




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