Survey Results

Parent and Pupil Surveys.

At Cherry Lane we try to make sure that parents and pupils are pleased with the experiences and learning opportunities that are provided in school. 

We are keen to know if we successfully deal with routine problems or pupils’ relationship issues. 

This strong home/school/child partnership is something that is in the best interests of the children and an important value of our school. 

Feedback was generally very positive in our most recent survey of 549 pupils from Reception to Year 6. 

  • I feel safe in school - 94% agreed.
  • Most days I enjoy school - 91% agreed.
  • In lessons I get help when I need it - 96% agreed.
  • Teachers make my lessons interesting - 96% agreed.

Comments from pupils in Year 5 and 6 included - 

Teachers treat me very well.

The education is fun, educational and you can experience new things.

All children in my class are well behaved.



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